What do the planning policy overlays show?

The planning policy overlays allow you to view anything that may hinder or assist when attempting to gain planning permission:

To get to the planning policy overlays, simply click on the “Location Analysis” tab in the top right-hand corner. This will open up the analysis box, which you can then choose to expand the planning policy section by clicking the small downward arrow.

This will, in turn, open up the list of available planning policy overlays for you to choose from.

The planning policy overlays include:

-Council Housing Delivery Test: This shows you the percentage of homes build versus the number required. Click on the overlay to produce a pop-out box with further information.

-Flood Map: This highlights any areas that are at risk of flooding, so you are able to perform a flood risk assessment before applying for planning.

-Listed Buildings: Shows nationally listed buildings, that are of historic interest. This may affect what development gets approved for that property.

-Conservation areas: Displays any conservation areas, which may be considered worthy of preservation.

-Green belt: This shows you which areas fall under the green belt policy. Development may be restricted within these areas for new dwellings.

-AONB: Shows Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Careful consideration is needed when developing in these areas.

-Sites of Special Scientific Interest: Highlights protected areas, due to the presence of rare species of fauna or flora.

-Special Protection Areas: These areas as designated under the European Union Directive, on the Conservation of Wild Birds.

-National Parks: These areas are protected by the state for general public enjoyment or preservation of wildlife.