What do the technical overlays show?

The technical overlays assist in looking at any constraints that you might come up against with a certain area or property. Here's how they work:

To get to the technical overlays, simply click on the “Location Analysis” tab in the top right-hand corner. This will open up the analysis box, which you can then choose to expand the technical section by clicking the small downward arrow.

This will, in turn, open up the list of available technical overlays for you to choose from.

The technical overlays include:

-Traffic: Displays daily traffic movements, click the pins to find out the breakdown of the figures.

-Agricultural Land Classification (England): Shows the quality of land for agricultural use, according to the extent to which physical or chemical characteristics impose long-term limitations.

-Agricultural Land Classification (Wales): The same as above! Just for within Wales.

-Built Up Areas: Displays areas where are irreversibly urban in character, such as a village, town or city.

-Substations: Pinpoints the location and details of electrical substations and their respective headroom.