Can I share my workflow if I am on a team account?

If there are multiple users on a team account, you have the option to keep a workflow stage private or share it with your team. Here’s how:

If you are on one of our team accounts and have multiple users, you can all share your workflow stages with each other. This allows you to easily collaborate and work on team projects.

Of course- you do not have to share all of your stages with your team, the decision is entirely yours.

To share your stages with your other team member, you’ll need to click the three small dots on the top of the stage you are looking to share. This will open the “Edit stage” pop out box.

You can then toggle on or off the “Private” button, depending on if you’d like to share the stage with your team.

Make sure you hit “Save” to update any of your changes.

If you’d like to add more team members to your account, you can speak to a member of our sales team by calling 01926 355 424.