How do I export planning data? And what will it give me?

Our planning export allows you to filter all planning applications, and export them into excel with tons of extra data. Here’s how to do this:

To perform a 'Planning' export, you will firstly need to select the 'Site Finding' tab in the Lefthand menu bar. From here, you would need to open up the 'Planning Search' by selecting the arrow to the right  of 'Planning Search'.


The planning export will provide data from a chosen council, you can pick up to three of these in one export. Just type in your chosen council/s in the “Authority” section.

You can then narrow down your export even further using the keywords. You can choose to use our pre-sets or type in your own. These keywords are included/excluded from the planning application’s proposal.

Next, pick your dates of when the applications were submitted (the export will only ever export 250 applications at one time).

You can then choose a specific number of units- this is great if you are interested in flats.

And finally, you can choose the filter by the status of the planning applications. You may choose to only see ‘granted’ applications or a mixture of all. It’s totally unique to you!

Click the “Find Sites” button, this will then plot the sites onto the map, where you can go 'Export results' .